04 Jul


After breakfast we pondered upon what to do in order to take a boat to Delos (3 times a day, 9,10,11 am, E12 RT/person). We left for the town and the boat but we barely dragged our feet so we arrived in the harbor right when the last boat to Delos was leaving, in spite of the fact that the original plan was to get the 9:00 am boat. So we changed plans and went to get a bus to Piati Gyalos, a beach village close to Paradise. The village, a typical vacation village, is full of vacation rentals, but very picturesque on the blue of the Aegean Sea. Shot video, took pictures and took a bath, hiding from the sun that was quite intense. We had lunch at a restaurant on the beach and took more pictures, walks and dives in the sea. At 5:00 pm we took a bus back into town and we started scouting for a good vantage point for a sunset shoot and walking in areas that we did not cover the night before, getting into churches and squares with fountains like the better known Three Sisters square. We walked down from the bus stop to the windmills and to Little Venice, a strip of houses that are right in the water, getting splashed by the surf when sitting at a bar table close to the water. The best vantage point for sunset found out to be the mills that are on top of the town, old ruined mills, one of them still almost intact and transformed in a Folklore Museum. Took a shot of the sunset in a very serene atmosphere, far away of the hustle and bustle of the main commercial streets of Mykonos town, got back in town, bought some stuff from the market and grabbed a cab, this time waiting in line at the taxi stand and got back to the hotel in 5 minutes where we took a shower and I walked back in town for a stroll by myself. I entered an art gallery and I chatted for half an hour with the British artist/owner about everything in the world, and about Mykonos and how it got this way. Continued the stroll, on the main commercial avenues that after a while make you tired of shops and windows and walked back to the hotel around midnight where I watched the Mykonos night sky from its terrace for a while before going to sleep.

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