Crete to Athens

13 Jul

Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens

We left the boat at 6:45am and went to the train that brought us to Omonia where we left our luggage in a storage box for E3 and walked to Monastiraki Sqaure. On the way we stopped at a breakfast stand for a last taste of pies, natural juices and frappe and continued to walk through Plaka, by the Roman Agora toward the Acropolis. We got tickets for E12/adult (kids free like everywhere in Greece), and we walked up with hordes of tourists that packed the place in a way not encountered in this trip. The hill was swarming with people and we visited the entire site in the incessant wind that made hard to set the tripod and shoot stable scenes. All nationalities were there but, like in most of the places we visited in this trip you had the feeling that you hear more East Europeans and Russians than westerners.

After the Acropolis we visited the Dionysus Theater that I was never able to visit in the previous visits, some cisterns and a foundry in the same area and went to the Greek agora, Hephaestus temple and the Ceramics Museum. We left the agora we went to the bazaar streets around Monastiraki and I took some shots at the Hadrian Library and the folk museum. Latter I left by myself for a 45 minutes in Plaka shoot but after spending days in the beautiful islands I did not find it so attractive. We returned in Monastiraki, bought train tickets for the airport for E6/pers or E10 for two and walked to Omonia to get the luggage. We got in the train and when we had to change at Sintagma I got out and did a quick shoot in the square. I got back in the train, arrived at the airport where we changed and repacked to check in two backpacks and ate in the end at McDonalds because no other place accepted credit cards.

We arrived in Frankfurt with a little delay being waited by a guy from Leonardo Hotel who brought us in 20 minutes to the hotel. We slept well; got a superb breakfast, the best in the entire trip, a German breakfast, and left for the airport with the same guy at 7:00 am and arrived at 7:28 at here we are back to JFK at 10:30am.

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