Sognefjord to Bergen

06 Jul


The rain showers in the forecast proved correct and in the morning the sky was full of clouds and rain on the ground. We packed and left to Gaupke, 12 km away where we had breakfast in a mall, all the real coffee places being closed before 10 am. The rain was going on and off alternating with sun, making it even more difficult to figure out what to do.

We drove all the way to Luster, another 24 km where we started to drive back and took the way to Jostedal Glacier from Gaupke. At 487km2  Jostedal is the largest glacier in continental Europe. The rain proved more acute in Jostedal, especially in the glacier proximity, and we could not do a climb/hike so we decided to leave toward Bergen with a stop in Songdal for food  and gas, and from there to Kaupangen to board the ferry to Gudvagen. We were not decided to take the ferry, 3 times a day only, but we arrived right when the ferry was boarding so we drove on  it (NK960) and sailing through the fjords we got in 2.5 hours to Gudvagen navigating in occasional showers with sun through the magnificent Naeroyfjord, one of the narrowest and most beautiful in Norway.


Kaupanger-Gudvagen Ferry

From Gudvagen there are 120 km to Bergen and we drove another hour a beautiful road with waterfalls, the one in Tivden being a real treat, to Voss where we ate at another pizza/pasta place held by Arabs, the last food available before Bergen. Unfortunately if you arrive after 7pm it is no more pasta or anything else available, just pizza that becomes a drag after a while….At the exit from Voss we stopped at a B&B from where we called and made a reservation in Bergen in a hotel recommended by the locals, Bergen Montana and we drove a little more than one hour through many tunnels to get to Bergen where after several tries we were able to locate the hotel and crashed for the night, again after 1am.

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