Voss to Geiranger

08 Jul

Unes Stave Church

The plan was to wake up early and drive to Flam, one hour, and get the train ride from Flam to Myrtle, 45 minutes one way, NK850/family ticket. The train comes every 80 minutes but when we reached Flam in a constant drizzle we found a huge cruise boat and all the trains being sold out till afternoon. A little disappointed we decided to leave and drove all the way to Songdal and Lom to get to Geiranger Fjord. Looking on the map more attentively we realized that we did not plan right the roads and we drove the same roads several times. We could have been more efficient but when you rush because of lack of time you always miss something.

We drove this time through the long Laerdal tunnel, 24.5km that has places to stop inside lit with colored lights, got on the same ferry as before and arrived in Songdal, 3 hours from Voss, and started to drive to Hasflo to go to Urnes Stave Church. The church is on the other side of the fjord so we boarded a ferry, NK142, and after a short haul we got on the other side and drove up. Inside the church was a wedding so we waited to finish and after that we had the chance to listen to a remarkable presentation about the Vikings, their customs and knowledge and the way they built these churches. The church is one of the best we visited in Norway and it is worth a detour to see it and to listen to the presentation.


Skjolde to Lom

We continued on a extremely beautiful road right on the shore of the fjord to Skjolde where the roads combines and we drove over the mountain pass to Lom on another picturesque road. The landscape around the 1500 m pass is desolate. Snow, drizzle, wind and some fog forced you to get quickly in the car after you take a shot.


Lom Stave Church

But when we descended from the top of the mountain the weather was balmy in Lom, the driest place in Norway and people were enjoying the sun at the cafes in town. We visited the Stave Church and we had dinner, again relatively mediocre food but as the waiter said: ”The food is very expensive” . From Lom to Geiranger is about 90km, 2 hours tops but the road is so nice again that it took us almost double to cross it with so many stops for pictures. In Grotli we stopped and watched a little the Spain goal in the match against Germany and we continued in the magnificent landscape of the mountains surrounding Geiranger, crossing the deserted plateau. After a stop at the motel at 1039 meters in Djupvasshytta we drove directly in town around 11pm, booked a room in Union Hotel and got the information about the daily cruises in the fjord for the following day.

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