21 Jul

Bryksdalbreen, Norway

With the easiness of English language spoken by absolutely everybody, I think that they study it since kindergarten, and the pleasant atmosphere offered by the locals, Scandinavia makes a great destination. Any person that loves nature would find Norway magic. The combination of snow capped peaks on top of the mountains, crystal clear fjords surrounded by steep peaks inviting you for kayak expeditions, blue glaciers that plunge ice boulders to the bottom of white water lakes, thundering waterfalls with crystal clear water or pleasant paths into the woods make this country the number one destination in Europe for outdoor activities.

But it is way more than that what catches the interest. Old stave churches from the 11th century using old Scandinavian techniques using very tall trees stripped of the branches and the bark and left with the roots in the ground for years to dry straight. Fantastic museum that document the history of the Vikings and their discoveries. Everywhere you go people travel. By bike, hitch hiking, cars and mainly with campers they roam the country in a frugal way, the country being full of camping places that rent small huts people living a simple life closer to nature.

The country looks and for sure is clean enticing you drink the water from the mountains streams or the lakes. Sweden is a pleasant destination its cities being a treasure trove of location worth exploring. Stockholm location, on the bay makes it very attractive during a sunny day and the boat rides in the harbor are a pleasure. Goteborg, also a harbor has its own attractions.

A recent survey found out that people of Denmark are the happiest people in the world. If I would not have known this result I should have been completely puzzled because out of the woods of Scandinavia you see when you get to Copenhagen an entire city that smiles. People are nice and helpful and they always try to make your stay pleasant, even by encouraging you that they think that the rain will stop in the afternoon and the sun will shine again. The city is extremely pleasant full of large squares that look to be made for people and not for vehicle. Tables are everywhere, with small stalls serving mainly Danish beer enjoyed by hundreds, tourists and locals, in a sunny day. All the streets have bike lanes and you feel that the real movement inside the city happens on these bike lanes. Hordes of Danes ride the bikes dressed casually, in suits or very stylish going to a fancy dinner sometimes in high heels on bikes. The clubs are pumping live music and the restaurants are full in the late hours, people enjoying the long hours of sun and heat of the summer. All this and many other makes Copenhagen the most pleasant capital of Scandinavia. Everything looks green in this country, with the Environmental Agency Building in Copenhagen being covered with a metal grid on which are planted vertically flowers that cover the entire façade. Occasionally you see small electric cars plugged over night in street outlets that lit blue in the dark hours. Taking a trip during the long summer days is tough because you do not want to go to sleep. Every night we went to sleep around 12-1 am getting up with an alarm at 6-7 am. Why bother to sleep when you have such a great light….

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