…and back in Las Vegas, NV

22 Apr

I always wanted to shoot this famous sign and no matter that each year I have been shooting in Vegas for one reason or another I never get to shoot the sign. But now I went directly to it on the way to drop the car and we shot just the sign….And again, all these images were shot with an iPhone4 and I am not paid by Apple to say this….

And after 2000 miles since we left the Bay area we are in Vegas, for the second time to board our red eye flight to JFK. To cover such a large area you need time and no matter that we did this for the last 15 years, once every year, still we have lots of things to explore. Maximizing the day light is important so we wake up every morning around 6 am, get a quick coffee with a muffin and drive and shoot all day getting no food but water. I call this the “India” diet where the heat and the fear of getting sick keeps you away from un-peelable food. After the sunset we drive to a city hoping to find any non-fastfood restaurant open to get a bite to eat before we go to bed and we finally get to a hotel around 10:30 pm, the earliest. But the experience being here is fascinating. It has a strong spiritual dimension like in few other places.

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