Bucharest, Romania

16 Jun

Old city center, Bucharest, Romania

The old city center is so full of action that it makes very hard to find a table. Also it has free Wi-fi like nowhere else in the world. I walked for more than 20 years on these streets and I always wondered why nothing was done to this amazing part of the town where history is at its best. Most of the houses were in disrepair ready to collapse, the streets had craters, it was dark and dingy and the entire population living here was mainly formed by gipsies or all sorts of seedy characters. And still the entire area was so beautiful, still being able to preserve an atmosphere where all the Balkan people congregate. I always imagined this place as the perfect location for an active center, full or bars, restaurants and clubs, where people wander its streets and alleys.The perfect hang out place. And it was in dire need in a city that did not have ANY place where people could congregate.
I lost hope that anything would be done to it and I was praying just not to get demolished and everything lost. And 3-4 years ago everything changed, one street at a time. Now the entire old city is literally covered by tables and chairs from restaurants and is full of life like in few parts of the world.

Cafes in the Old City Center

In squares large screens are installed like in many other European cities for Euro 2012 soccer tournament

Soccer Fever

Close by to the Old City Center is Cismigiu Garden, a beautifully fashioned park right in the center of the city, where preparations are on the way for a Folk Festival

Cismigiu Folk Festival

Coltea Hospital is right in the middle of the city. It was planned to be demolished and after a citizen campaign that gathered lots of signatures it was renovated and stands now strong in the University Square.

Coltea Hospital


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