Predeal, Romania or the ghost of Ceausescu

20 Jun

Ceausescu’s villa in Predeal, Romania. Currently being used by the president of Romania.

This was the villa where Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, lived when he came to stay in Predeal, a ski resort 80 km away from Bucharest, Romania. When I was a kid I could walk this street when Ceausescu was not on site. But you could not look over the tall fence guarded by security forces with dogs and in no way you may have taken a photo except if you really wanted to land in jail and risk a serious beating by the feared Securitate. Ceausescu is long gone but his ghost is more than alive in Romania. Somebody once said that “the communism started to function in Romania after it was abolished” and he was so right that you can notice this almost every day in the way the society and mainly its political system works. The mentality of most of the politicians is unchanged since the time when the all powerful Romanian Communist Party was in power. They blatantly cheat, lie and try to hide it on a regular basis and when caught they will never step down, not because they believe that they are right but because nobody they know does it and “you will look like a sucker if you did it”. The political parties act like well organized Mafia clans protecting their members in spite of their fraudulent acts all being in a collaborative competition for the spoils of the country’s economy. Well established and “respectful” businessmen are no others than the old Securitate officers, higher up nomenclature members or their wives, brothers, children, in-laws, nephews and nieces, all with the same agenda: theft. Ceausescu would have been proud of them because the majority of the Romanian politicians are somehow related to the old Romanian Communist Party, no matter what political party they temporarily joined. Their accumulated wealth is dependent on the proximity they were to Ceausescu’s closed circle. The corruption cases abound: Severin was caught getting bribes in the European parliament but refused to step down because he felt that this was consulting…, the ex Prime minister Adrian Nastase has four corruption cases on roll and finally, with great success it was indicted today for 2 years in jail, a complete and absolute premiere in the  Romanian justice system. The current prime minister Victor Ponta plagiarized 80% of his Ph.D thesis, where the adviser was his boss the just indicted ex prime minister Adrian Nastase. He pretends that he did nothing wrong. The other month another minister was proved in the same situation. For them plagiarizing a thesis is nothing. Their parents and grandparents, maybe not their direct ones but related to them, were “upgraded” from a 4 year elementary education, that one also incomplete, to an accelerated 6 month high level university degree offered generously by the Communist Party to its loyal servants. All got degrees in economics, engineering and such without getting even a middle school diploma. Some, like Ceausescu and his wife Elena, were PH.D and “world renown scientists” following the same “dynamic” evolution. So was it worth to write the Ph.D thesis yourself when you are so busy in politics? Probably not and mostly sure their colleagues agree with them. They are way too important for that.

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