Postojna, Slovenia

03 Jul

Postojna Cave

Postojna was not in the plan. It did not fit the schedule, especially at the beginning of a long shooting tour, and is hard to shoot inside. However I was told that the train ride, the only one train ride in a cave in Europe, is spectacular and this was exactly the truth. The cave has very high rooms and corridors that are connected by a fast moving train, a 2 km ride one way. The train zips through the cave like it would ride a regular line out in the fields. it is an amazing experience. It was built sometimes at the beginning of the 20th century, or even earlier and was first moved manually through the cave. Now it is electric. The cave itself is interesting only by its size but the train ride is really worth to make a detour. Inside the cave it is organized a large group walking tour for about 1 km.

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