Opatija, Croatia

05 Jul

The promenade

From Pula, we drove all the way to Optatija, near Rijeka. Accommodation in the Croatia abound in private houses. There are lots of apartments for rent and all in great locations and conditions. The prices are quite reasonable for what you get. We used that also offered us good conditions for the money paid.In Opatija we stayed in Villa Marta, about 5 minutes up the hill from the Selena Beach.
The once famous sea resort of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, Opatija had a recent revival and it looks great. We found a good restaurant, out of many, on the promenade that was able to serve us dinner at 10:00 pm under a moon rise over the Adriatic. The next morning the quick walk through the majestic villas that we planned transformed itself in a long stay invited by the sea. We ended up in the crystal clear waters for a swim at Selena Beach, and a cooling because the temperature was going somewhere in the upper 30s or lower 40s.
When we left Opatija we drove through Rijeka and some other towns on Route 8, the coastal road in Croatia. But the roads are not so well marked and our GPS maps were very rudimentary so we gave up and took the highway all the way to Zadar.

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