Deventa, Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Hercegovina

12 Jul

Serbs and Croats wiped each other’s villages in the war.

This was a shock. When you watch the news and people talk about was and destruction, in this world where everything is sent through media, you never had an understanding of the real war and the real destruction that war brings. We followed closely the war in Yugoslavia, a country that used to be the paradise of Eastern Europe. We watched in disbelief how the war engulfed the entire country and how people, once living in peace, harmony and with interethnic marriages they were killing each other. But one is to watch on TV between two detergent commercials and one is to see the scars of this war for real.
On our way to Zagreb we crossed the inside border of Republika Skrpska, the Serbian enclave where Karadzic had his haven and ruled by Biliana Plavic, indicted in Haga for crime against humanity. From the beginning it felt weird because you don’t see almost anybody. And at one point it started. You see one house bombed, followed by another and another and another. Entire villages destroyed, houses were like shells, gutted like open sores. Near them another new house may have been built but the old one is there, untouched like a remembering symbol of the hate. Latter we stopped at a monument dedicated to the Serb victims mass murdered in Deventa by ” war criminals”. And after that more house destroyed, suffering and tears. And almost nobody on the road. And it went like this till we finally crossed the border in Croatia. We felt the suffering in the air, we felt like we drove through a eerie cemetery and the dead were screaming at us. We asked latter and we were told something that we knew from the old TV coverages; Serbs and Croats destroyed each others, villages wiped out completely, families terminated, hate, suffering and tears. All people we spoke to in Croatia or Bosnia still regret Tito and the good old days when their country was a model. When they pronounced his name it was always with reverence. We asked in Sarajevo if they have a grudge against the Serbs and we got a categorical NO; they hated the war as we did but their leaders were sick people: “When we talk with friends we don’t make any differences, only our leaders see these differences. Our real problems are with them not with the people” However nowadays Serbia elected another nationalist as President.

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