Sunca pyramid, Visoko, Bosnia & Hercegovina

12 Jul


The hill in front is a man-made pyramid

30 km out of Sarajevo is Visoko, an insignificant village, if it did not have in its middle a huge hill shaped as a perfect pyramid. The hill is Sunca Pyramid and across town is a smaller version of it, whose name I can not remember. I read some articles about the Bosnia pyramids. There are pros and cons and I just wanted to stop and see the place and maybe feel some special energy. But the great surprise was a sign that I followed and brought me to a shoe factory, at the edge of town. The sign mentioned some underground tunnels. The gatekeeper from the factory was very nice and took us to show the tunnels, right behind it, on the river shore. There are two tunnels, about 7-8 feet tall that connects that place to both pyramids. It is one entrance from the river and divides right away in two separate tunnels. We did not have the right gear and especially time to visit them but we took some pictures posted on our web. The longer tunnels is about 2 km underground and the shorter one about half. The tunnels are sometimes flooded and for sure they were very wet. I never read anything about them but I will start digging the official web site of the place.
Very cool! Who may have build them?

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