Zagreb, Croatia

13 Jul

Pedestrian area in Zagreb

We drove all the way from Republika Srpska to Zagreb. Again we did not have a reservation and we arrived very late. Till we were able to find a hotel it was so late that we skipped dinner. It was nothing open.
In the morning we left for walk in the city. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a large city but for sure not a charming one. Large Austro Hungarian buildings abound, quote uniform and not too pretty. The pedestrian center is full of cafe and restaurants, that sustain the so call “cafe culture” of the city. The nicer part of the city is the upper town. The cathedral, remodeled in 1995 has a beautiful portal looking new and spiffy and an impressive interior. On the crypt is the casket of the Archbishop of Zagreb, Stepinac. From the cathedral you followed through the market and further you enter through one of the old gate, the only one preserved. In its walls is the old pharmacy, still in operation but offering now Prozac and Botox. The road brings you to the Parliament square in its middle being St Marc church that sports a roof with the coats of arms of Zagreb and Croatia. Very colorful. Close by is the new Museum of Broken relationships, quite an interesting site if you have some time. To visit the old town it takes you about 1 hour. The downtown is less interesting and way larger but if you don’t have time you can give it a miss and enjoy a coffee in the town center. We left around 2pm to drive all the way to Vienna.

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