Finally Romania surpassed the USA!

14 Dec

The obsession in the communist regimes was always to surpass the achievements of the most advanced capitalist countries. Continuously they compared the output crops and the factories production and were extrapolating the momentous growth to a bright future that stubbornly refused to come closer. The recent elections that were held in Romania at the beginning of December finally succeeded in this long strived achievement.  Romania finally surpassed United States of America in… the number of members in the Parliament where Romania (population 18 mil) leads by 588 members for just a mere 535, 100 senators and 435 representatives, in the American legislature. This came as a hard won victory for lots of grafters of the newly elected coalition formed by the stagnant, inefficient and highly corrupt ex-communists and the right wing main pro business party ran by an ever sleeping leader. Together with a newly arrived populist party of a TV anchor suspected that he enriched himself by blackmailing the people he interviewed not to divulge their corrupted affairs, they won around 75% of the national vote putting Romania on a very bright future of prosperity and honesty. The fact that about 30 of these newly elected MPs are investigated by the national prosecutors on corruption cases or are even on trial is just a detail that apparently did not bother the electorate that voted them in with a large majority. Romanians have a proverb overlooked in the general enthusiasm of the election: the way you set your bed foretells the way you’ll sleep.

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