Lhasa, an Exotic Destination travel video series

04 Jan


Lhasa, a mysterious city located somewhere over the edge of the world; a land brutally occupied by the Chinese; a spiritual devotion not easily encountered anywhere else in the world; a charismatic leader well known in the entire world, a deeply religious national spirit in a land covered in gilded temples.

We are launching today a five video series about this magnificent city and its secluded monasteries.The five episodes are covering in depth the most important spiritual locations inside or around Lhasa. Starting with the most venerated temple in the entire Tibet, Jokhang, with its amazing Barkhor where the movement of pilgrims is unstoppable we move to Drepung and Sera, the most important monasteries of the city ending with a visit at Nechung, the seat of the Tibet oracle. In the third video we visit Ganden, the seat of the Gelupka, the Yellow-Hats school of Tibetan Buddhism and to Sakia, the legendary monastery that played such an important role in the history of Tibet. Further we visit Lhasa’s magnificent palaces, Potala and Norbulingka and the Tibetan Medical College ending in the last episode with a tour around the charming streets and alleys of the Tibetan Quarter full of temples and nunneries.

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