Aukana, Sri Lanka

03 Mar

Aukana, Sri Lanka

From Mihintale, we moved to Aukana, that has the tallest Buddha statue in Sri Lanka cut in a rock. I watched mesmerized the cleaning process of the statue and the relative stability of the workers, who were balancing on a metal structure with no security of any kind. They were villagers who come to do this work as an offer to the temple like they did it for hundreds of years before.
Aukana is not on the beaten path. Close by, at another site, is another Buddha carved in a rock but that statue was left unfinished by its builder,
Standing in front of this majestic statue that dwarfs you at his feet you wonder how it would have looked the Bamyan Buddha in Afganisthan destroyed by the Taliban that was standing three times as tall. How sick can be a mind to destroy something like this?

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