Dambulla, Sri Lanka

04 Mar

Dambulla Caves, Sri Lanka

Descending from Sigiriya, I got back to the car where Atish was waiting with my luggage, (there is no place to leave the luggage anywhere at the site) and with the proposition to drive me to Dambulla for another high offer. We negotiated for a while and left to visit the famous painted caves in Dambulla.
Right before we reached Dambulla, we stopped at a spice garden. The nice people working there show you the plants and what oils and balms they make out of them and what are they good for. Also, I got as a demo a short massage using one of their balms and it felt very good. Their store runs a very good business and like everything that is catered for tourists the prices are pretty high
Located right in the middle of the town and guarded by a huge modern and technicolor temple, you reach the caves after another steep climb. Again you have to leave your shoes and hurt your feet on the uneven pavements of rocks. It is so bad that I started to dream of the Indian temple where you walk barefoot on muck but at least is shinny cement…The caves, named the Royal Rock Caves, date from 1st century BC and they are fully painted inside and filled up with Buddha statues. There are 5 caves in total, the most spectacular being the second that is 82 meters long and has Buddha statues in various positions on its entire perimeter.
From Dambulla I said good bye to Atish and board a bus to Kandy where I arrived after two hours and after finding a hotel and having dinner I stroll the main drag full of various stores and restaurants stopping for sweets and latter a beer in The Pub, the travels’ hangout.

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