Delhousie, Sri Lanka

07 Mar

Tea estate in Delhousie, Sri Lanka

In the morning I woke up again very early and did my blog and around 7:00 am I hired a tuk-tuk to get me to the top of the hill where a grand Buddha on top of the temple surveys the city of Kandy in his sleep. I shot some video of the damp city after a rainy night and when I left the temple a guy coming in asked me the usual question: Country? I answered America, that I realized that is more probably to be understood than United States and his answer was: God Bless! I was astounded and start laughing but I kept thinking about how this got in his broken English. But in any case in his mind this was his gift of our short encounter. God bless you too!

I walked down from the monastery and eventually I gave up to go anywhere else and being still early I went for breakfast at the Baker House, a nice restaurant on the main street. After pondering upon the following days schedule, I decided to stay a day longer in Sri Lanka and I went to a place where I did some flight inquires yesterday and bought a flight out of Colombo going to Trivandum ($120) for March 14. And rushed to the hotel to get my backpack and go to the train station where I bought a ticket (110Rs) for Hatton, a 2.5 hours train ride. In Sri Lanka you go to the station and can find and buy a no reserved seat ticket train. But the trains are not crowded and most probably you will have a seat if is no major festival happening.
The train was full of foreigners, many going to Nuwera or Hatton. I ended up on the bench, by pure coincidence, with a guy Alberto from Bilbao who was shooting for a travel video of train riding in Sri Lanka. So that makes two of us…All these foreigners got off the train in Hatton and boarded a local bus to Delhousie with benches so crammed that would make a Guatemala chicken bus the envy of the village. Delhousie is the closest village to the base of the pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak the most important religious place in Sri Lanka where everybody plans to start walking up the 5400 steps for 7 km around 2:00 am tonight. The entire area is full of tea plantations and tea factories that you see mostly on the second part of the train ride.
After getting off the bus everybody spread through the guesthouses that are all in one place, all with color name like White, Yellow and Green House or in my case Achinika Holiday Inn. Fancy! But all have free Wi-fi and offer for about 3000-3500Rs a double room with dinner and breakfast and single for 2500Rs.
Because is nothing else to do, in no time everybody was walking the main road to the center of village where there are some stalls selling waters, munchies and lots of trinkets, the main shopping mall of the village. After a while you bump in the same people repeating many times the hellos, the atmosphere of a small village. For dinner we got most of us congregated on a top under-construction-terrace made out of rough cement and stick out bar wire and eat the rice and curry and ready to go to sleep around 8:00 pm. The atmosphere is unique, like we are all part in a common journey. And actually we always are but we are just mislead in not understanding it.

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