Las Vegas, NV

08 Apr


From the bare living conditions and the cinder block houses of the Hopis after 6 hours drive I reached Las Vegas, a different world, a world of make-believe embraced by many have or have-nots who want a piece of this dream even for a couple of nights.
Somehow the Las Vegas of the runaways and outlaws morphed in the recent times in the epitome of luxury as one of the most coveted destinations. Weddings and bachelor parties are in vogue and the spring break brings a very loose atmosphere in the city that knows to keep hidden its secrets.
Besides, hordes of Asians, mainly Chinese, for whom luxury and success is the main achievement to be showed off to their kins, flood the casinos parading label clothing, bags and watches, themselves symbols of the new money.
For many the coveted luxury is confused with the display of excess that is what actually Vegas offers, a dream of the wannabes nouveau riches from all over the world.
In this race to excess and luxury the Las Vegas of the cheap hotels and $5 buffets is long gone, replaced by hundreds of dollar rooms and whooping $24 breakfasts. But the slow economy may have put a dent on this and the long lines that were always at the buffets, that invented the $15 pass to skip the long line, are completely gone and many of the original patrons are flooding the MacDonald, a short lapse in the Vegas manufactured dream.

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