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Everybody loves a fairy tale but Romanians love it so much that they made it into a National Holiday. On June 24 in Romania is celebrated the “Sinziene” or the Day of the Fairies. It is a very cool holiday with all banks and businesses closed in a country that had to create holidays to be in tune with the EU after being devoid of them during the Communist time. But the legend is charming and is worth a day off for sure.
Sinzienele are fairies, beautiful young girls, dressed in yellow vaporous garments dancing deep into the woods or on plains in the night before their holiday, a night that is considered magic. They dance turning in circles and transforming the flowers and the weeds they step on in medicinal plants at the end flying through the air.


In villages across the country the rite is reenacted by maidens that come out at sunrise to dance barefoot in the morning dew, dressed in white or yellow garments and having their hair braided with a specific flower that carries the same name, Sanziene. They make also crowns of flowers that are thrown over the houses and if they are caught in the chimneys it is a sign that that maiden will be hooked in marriage.
Out of all of them it is selected the most beautiful that is called “Dragaica” whose hair will be adorned in wheat. Pretty cool!


The Sanziene night was organized in Bucharest in a real magic environment lit by torches or light garlands hanging in the trees of The Minovici Museum gardens, a museum donated to the city of Bucharest by his owner, a doctor turned art collector before the arrival of the Communists. I remember walking many years ago the halls of its two large villas adorned with Romanian and European works of art organized in an eclectic private collection. Years latter when I visited Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum somehow it reminded me of this magic place in Bucharest.

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