October 1, 2013

01 Oct

October 1, 2013 will remain in history of this country as a special day. And not for the Government shutdown but for the fact that first time in the history of this country, Americans had access to affordable care otherwise offered, at a decent cost, only by their employers. In the today news coverage it is mentioned that only 15% more people will have access to affordable insurance but this is not the point. The reality is that many people who may be able to become job creators stick with their employers simply because they desperately need this medical insurance offered to them, like indentured workers some centuries ago. Some have all sort of personal or family health problems that keep them hostage to a hated job or tied up to an ungrateful employer simply because they need  to keep their insurance. I know this from my personal experience when at one point, being covered by my wife’s insurance, I finally decided to quit a not so grateful employer in order to start a great and successful business that hired many others and gave me fulfillment like never before. My personal experience made me support this policy that I think, in these times of flexible work, would, in the long run, help the American economy and the great people that create it. But I would have never done it if I had to provide health insurance for my family. It was a risk not worth to be taken.

The Government shutdown is just a bad joke showing one more time  to many that may have doubts the in-beddding of our politicians with business interests and the obvious way how you can brainwash a nation. Make them afraid before they try it. Like a guy I know, a business owner, that right after the voting of this health law stated that this is not the right thing to do because “it will get up to their heads”, meaning his employees. Many don’t get it that people have to enjoy their own life in order to enjoy what they do for others and, if that, they would put most of the effort in it. During such a Government shutdown not the Government workers should be furloughed but the congressmen, and not only the Republicans, but all of them. No matter how disruptive the European politics is, where advanced elections are always happening, I wish we’d be able to fire the entire Congress and elect a new one, hopefully being able to elect more mature politicians in the House.

But the real shame of this shutdown states in the fact that American National Parks will be closed. This is a shame soiling our soul.

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