Mircea Cartarescu at Mc-J in Nolita, NYC

24 Oct

Mircea Cartarescu is one of the most remarkable literary talent of the contemporary Romania. The first volume of his three part novel Blinding (“Orbitor” in Romanian) was recently translated in English by Sean Cotter. Part of an American tour occasioned by the book launching in USA, last night Mircea had a dialog about the book with Joshua Cohen at McNally-Jackson in Nolita. Great event for the Romanian literary scene but no so great for the Romanian cultural authorities from Bucharest and New York who completely boycotted the entire tour. The ruling party in Romania, the ex-communists, were heavily criticized by Mircea in political pamphlets in the newspapers that brought upon him a intense smear campaign targeting him and his family with midnight phone threats.


Joshua Cohen and Mircea Cartarescu


Mircea Cartarescu reading in Romanian from “Blinding” (Orbitor)


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