Inequality for all

28 Oct

I saw last night this film that should be a must-see for all Americans, irrelevant of the side of the fence they are on. It is about the cancer that presently devours our society and creates the stagnant economy at a time of the largest ever wealth in the history of this country unmatched anywhere in the world.
The film is not by far ideological and is based on jaw dropping statistics presented in academic style by the remarkable Robert Reich. It shows a country that lost its moral compass where inequality is rampart placing USA on the 64th place in the world right on top of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. It is a far cry from the rosy image presented by the cheer leaders of most of the TV networks.
If you want just a glimpse of where we are in terms of inequality in USA please watch this Youtube clip

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A must see film for Americans of all political colors

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