“Enemy of the people” at the BAM

14 Nov

Henrik Ibsen’s end of the 19th century play “Enemy of the People” was rewritten by the remarkable German director Thomas Ostermeyer from Schaubühne Berlin in a contemporary style using parts of the text from “The Coming Insurrection”. The spirits were flying high at Harvey when the actors challenged the audience if they agree with the main character, Dr. Stockmann’s point of view that was focused on parts of the revolutionary text. Confronted with their own issues of lack of transparency in the American society the liberal/intellectual audience in Brooklyn did not expect to be invited and offered tirades of frustration against a controlled society through media and consumerism that were cut short after about 15 minutes by the actors to finalize the play.


“I AM WHAT I AM,” then, is not simply a lie, a simple advertising campaign, but a military campaign, a war cry directed against everything that exists between beings, against everything that circulates indistinctly, everything that invisibly links them, everything that prevents complete desolation, against everything that makes us, and ensures that the whole world doesn’t everywhere have the look and feel of a highway, an amusement park or a new town: pure boredom, passionless but well-ordered, empty, frozen space, where nothing moves apart from registered bodies, molecular automobiles, and ideal commodities.

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