Romania, always a sad surprise

12 Dec

Romania has probably the highest number of representatives in its Parliament in the world, higher than the USA. But don’t be fooled to believe that this improves the legislative process of the country. The deputies are elected as a pay off for contributions they gave to their party in elections and the pay off comes in many flavors of corruption, It is no surprise that the country is one of the most corrupt in Europe. The direct result is that lots of MPs are in investigation or have a thick dossier that would land them in jail if they were not protected by the Parliamentary immunity offered generously by their MP colleagues who are waiting their dossiers to be dressed for more than obvious causes.
On Monday’s late hours of the night the dear MPs rushed to pass a law that would absolve them of any wrong doing by changing some terminology in the Penal Code of the country, offering amnesty or full pardon for all the white collar crimes they committed or they will commit in the future, a blank check for stealing and robbing the country. They also replaced any jail time with a fine, a slap on the hand considering the riches most of them accumulated by theft. But the weirdest thing of all in the legislation is that it covers everybody except the minors !!!!! Once a comment that I posted stating that the Romanian elected officials resemble so much the state of affair of an African country freshly emerged after a coup ruffled some feathers. The attitude of the Romanian politicians is straight in the face of a charming and peaceful population and an educated people who prefer to leave the country instead of dealing with their charade. My comment was wrong; it is much worse than in African country….


Romanian politicians in disguise

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