Dan Puric @ The Atheneum

17 Dec

Dan Puric on the Romanian Atheneum’s stage

Dan Puric, a well-known Romanian actor, director, pantomime artist, writer, Christian inspirational speaker, philanthropist but more than anything a man with a gigantic soul held last night in a fully packed Bucharest Atheneum an inspirational conference about the “eternal Romanian soul”. For two full hours Puric conveyed his steady message that the man’s values, Christian and national, exist in spite of the apparent murky surroundings protected by a thick crust that preserves inside the delicacy of his soul that always can sprout to manifest in its full splendor. For a people whose national values were trampled for more than 75 years by old and new forms of dictatorship, in a country on Prozac his discourse is a breath of fresh air, a flame of hope in total contrast with the vulgarity of the media and the venality of its politicians.


Father Tanase with a group of children

All proceeds of the conference were donated to the Christian community of Valea Screzii/Valea Plopului, a slice of humanity in a vacuum of stunning dire poverty, where the priest of the church, Father Tanase, has gathered and currently hosts more than 400 abandoned children from the surrounding villages and towns. He organized this Christian establishment as the only home for these children who are fed and educated on the church expense and are guided to learn a trade and integrate in the society. Funds for this hugely gratifying project are collected by occasional donations, way insufficient for the needs of this very large community of Godly love, and by Provita Association.
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The children choir of the Valea Screzii Christian Community singing Christmas Carols.

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