Steve Winter @ B&H

11 Feb

Steve Winter

Steve Winter is a well known photographer and contributor to National Geographic. His wild life photography was featured in many of the magazine issues. He focused on all sort of wild cats, from snow leopards to tigers and cougars, the last being featured in a recent issue of the magazine showing the cougars in the Los Angeles parks. Steve was invited at B&H to talk about his work, difficult and mesmerizing in the same time. For all who fantasize about this amazing career and vocation, Steve spoke eloquently about all the challenges you encounter as a photographer for the magazine. It may look like a dream comes true to have such a job but in the same time you realize listening to him the amount of hard and repetitive work you have to do, the numerous hours of nothing that you have to spend waiting for a tiger to wake up and the chance to take the right picture many times without knowing that you did it. It took him a full year to obtain finally ONE image with the cougar with the LA in the background and this using lots of technologies of infrared beam tripping for multiple cameras and flashes that were tripped several times every night by a wandering mouse. Chased by the rhinos, his blood sucked by lychees or infested by all sort of parasites, Steve moved on taking amazing photography with the idea that he always had to exceed his own work.

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