Burr Trail

13 Apr

Yesterday’s storm that was looming around the area ended up coming upon Escalante during the night and the morning came up with snow and sleet. The mountains had their peaks covered in white but after a while the sun came out promising a glorious day.


Boulder, UT

I packed and after breakfast said good bye to some of the friends I met in the last days and drove to Boulder, UT on the rim of the magnificent Calf Creek Canyon that I visited yesterday.
Boulder is a small town that was one of the most isolated towns in America before the construction in 1940 of the road that connected it to Escalante. In Boulder starts the Burr Trail, an original passage over the mountains established by John Atlantic Burr to move his cows to the market. Nowdays the road between Bullfrog and Boulder carries his name.


Burr Trail, Long Canyon

The road is extolled by many to be one of the most beautiful in the region. It crosses through the Long Canyon whose tall red walls are guarding over the road. The road is paved for about 30 km and the pavement ends when entering Capitol Reef National Park. After entering the Park the road descend abruptly in set of switchbacks that look dangerous on a road that is unpaved, narrow and with no side guard.


Navajo Point, Capitol Reef

After the switchbacks the road divides and I drove north through the beautiful red rocks of Capitol Reef going to Hankerville. I intended to go to the Horseshoe Canyon in Canyonlands but I was unable to get any information and the time was relatively late and eventually I turned toward Torrey going into Capitol Reef. The wind was blowing hard raising the desert dust and moving the tumble weeds across the road.


Fruita School, Capital Reef

The orchards planted by the the Fruita community, established by the Mormons at the end of the 19th century, were in bloom. I took several hikes in the park, first in the Grand Wash and latter to Hickman bridge in the sunset when the temperature started to drop rapidly. And they dropped even more in the evening when I reached Torrey going in the 20s. It is way too cold…..


The Castle, Capitol Reef

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