USA – Ghana 2-1

16 Jun

Ghana-USA on Lexington Avenue

In the world, when a major soccer game happens everything stops. Nobody works and people just watch the game, irrelevant of the chances of the team they may root for or the result. For millions soccer is less a sport and more a religion and by not allowing people to watch the game would be considered as not letting them practicing their religious believes. However this is not in America where work itself is the real religion of the land and soccer is just a poor relative of the other four very rich American sports. But when US qualifies in the World Cup the people get somehow infused by the enthusiasm of the millions outside and they play hookey at work and fill the sports bars rooting for their team. I always liked this US team simply because is so different from the corporate world of the American sports. The good players are talented but not outstanding. The very good sportsmen choose football or baseball where more money and exposure is involved. But what I loved always about this US national team is their spirit. In spite of their underdog status they put a good fight and they show less individuality but a real TEAM that cares so much to make a great impression and a good result. Their qualifying results in the World Cup groups history are way better than of many European teams with a lot of pretensions and where the investment is humongous. Go USA! Great game….

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