3 years, 3 months and 3 days…

29 Jul

…. is the time these six people went in a Buddhist silent retreat in the depth of the Arizona desert. Organized by the Diamond Mountain Institute, the retreat is the second in their history but the first offered for a larger number of people. Some of them were looking for stabilizing their life, some forfeited their careers but all came out after this long period with an amazing sense of accomplishment. The infectious happiness and the boundless sense of love that they all expressed was a direct result of the time they had to analyze their life and to understand the pointlessness of many of their actions. If we would be able to stop and analyze our egocentric way we act and the fact that most of our actions come from a boundless fear we would be terrified of the results and we could not recognize ourselves in the mirror. The opposite of fear is love and it is amazing what this can bring back to you. Just practice and you will see….


Three Jewels in East Village, NY

The talk was organized by Three Jewels in East Village, a charming spiritual place dedicated to Buddhist Studies for 18 years that now is looking a for a new location. The interest for their studies increased and the space is way to small for the number of students who would like to attend.

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