The fabulous world of Sasha Meret

01 Aug

I wrote about Sasha’ studio and his fascinating time warped world associated with his works sometimes in January when I was able, finally, to go and see his studio. Since then we kept talking about doing an interview but the schedules could not match or the stars were not in the right location on the firmament. But finally today it happened and we stepped again through his time machine in his world of parallel universes.


Sasha Meret’s Studio in Long Island City, NY

Sasha is more than a conceptual/visual artist. He breathes and lives his work, draws his energy from it and moves deftly in this world that he dreams and conceives like no other artist.


Sasha Meret’s Studio, Long Island City, NY

The artist is a traveler through time parallel universes from where he grabs elements and takes them to his own universe, being checked at the custom for intrusion. The currency of all these universes is creativity manifested through the object of art that was sold so many times that it becomes the real money of those places. In the same time semen is gunned from his universe to the other universes through reciprocity but also like an element of universal globalization.


Sasha Meret’s Studio, Long Island City, NY

Every object has a story and is part of the entire mythology conceived and narrated by his alter ego. When you talk to Sasha this world around you, his parallel universe, becomes so real that you wonder what those cars and trucks running on Northern Boulevard are doing outside. They look and feel so “yesterday”


Sasha Meret’s Studio, Long Island City, NY


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