2 Mai

15 Aug

We crawled out of the heat of Costinesti and tried to get a glimpse of the village but the main road was so jammed with cars that we could not advance at all and decided to turn around. We could not recognize anything in a place so packed with new constructions all spread all over like in a chaotic dream of a drunken urban planner. With a bitter taste in our hearts we drove out to the national road where now a sign marks the entrance in the village, a translation of 3 km, an omen of future development.


2 Mai

Luckily the village of “2 Mai” welcomed us with its traditional gardens and still some corn fields by the sea. It was a great reprieve after so much brick and cement. The main road, packed with cars, is still guarded by the old traditional blue houses with vine yards offering a cool place to relax in the heated days.


The Cliffs

Like a time portal, “2 Mai” put me right away in a state of mind that I lost for many years; long days, wake up and have nothing special to do, just go to and fro, roam around, chat with friends, grab a beer, go for a swim, get a bite to eat, and repeat with no pattern and no planning. Just live. A spirit that is banished in any regular day where time is measured in tasks and not in number of breaths.


The nude beach

I followed with this idea and walked on the beach through the nude colony to the Little Gulf’s “Cherhana”, a fish restaurant, for a beer in the shade of its stalls and eventually a fish borscht where I was joined by my friend who swam here parallel to the shore, a long swim by my standards. The Little Gulf beach, home to another nude colony, was packed with tents and the jetty, destroyed partially by a storm, was used for sun bathing by some of the tents’ inhabitants.


The Little Gulf and the “Cherhana”

Parties are the core events of “2 Mai” and the only real task of the day is to attend at least one of them. Their number dwindled in recent years, a result of a world more connected virtually by Facebook them physically through eye contact. It is so “yesterday” to talk for real with somebody instead of sending a text or giving him a “like”. It happened that we came here during the feast of St Mary, the patron saint of our host Marian, who invited us to a party. The much anticipated event was attend by all guests of the villa, including some of our friends who just drove in for it. Everybody brought wine and “tzuica” from home prepared for a long stay. We all congregated around a long table full of fish, shells, tarama, roast beef and “mititei”, cooked by fishermen and adjoined by shots of tzuica and glasses of white wine.


Restaurant in “2 Mai”

After the party somebody suggested to go for more partying to Vama Veche, another close by village, so we all hopped into a cab and got there right before midnight.

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