Back from 2 Mai

17 Aug

The end of the season at the Sea always came with a lot of melancholy . I felt it deeply in spite of the fact that I knew that next year I will go again but still I could not get over it. I feel the same now when the season closes in Fire Island. I hang out as long as possible in the last open weekend, biking around moving from one beach to another and I do this in spite that I am living in an island.


Marian’s Garden, 2 Mai

The storm did not materialize yet. Just some rain showers in the night that put an overcast sky in the morning to the relief of many who were getting a reprieve from the sweltering days. I stayed in Marian’s garden under his typical grape vines and pondered upon leaving or not.


2 Mai

The beach was empty and the occasional sun was throwing a mirror of sparkles on the water. The last bath, another beer, a coffee with friends who were crawling to the beach in the classical 2 Mai style, some pictures and one last breath of fresh air of the sea. I had to go. Besides, the storm was supposed to come. It was like in “Godot”….I packed and when to leave for the train station a friend of mine just popped in and told me that her son got somehow a car from a friend and he will drive it to Bucharest. This is another “typical” of the area so I joined him for a long and tedious ride in the middle of a horrific traffic. Last day of a long weekend with a looming storm at the beach chased everybody out and we crawled the 30 km sea shore in 2 hours and a half. Luckily the newly-finished-by-the-industrious-Prime-Minister highway was moving without a glitch. Even the toll, paid manually in Romania, that was causing huge delays was waived for the summer months, another populist measure, way more expensive than asking one of the talented programmers who are lining up to leave the country for a better life, to implement a solution. But probably the deals were not made yet of who will get that contract with the government….


2 Mai

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