Amzei One

03 Sep

Jam session in Bucharest

In the night Victoria Boulevard was drown in the jazz accords that were inundating the streets from a small bar that usually is a very quiet place. The sidewalk was packed and drink orders were taken for standing passerby who were resting their glasses on chairs on the sidewalk listening to a band. With just percussion, drums, a sax and a Mac the band was making an amazing show that run incessantly for almost an hour.


Amzei One

When I asked about the band that come occasionally, but only every Wednesday and they are not a band but friends who are jamming together in that place. The vibe was of Greenwich Village in the 60s with musicians having a great time and spectators dancing between the tables and on the sidewalk in an atmosphere of good taste, free spirit and enthusiasm, not a common occurrence in Bucharest.


Amzei One sidewalk is full and dancing

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