Art in Bucharest

05 Sep

Romanit palace, Bucharest

The Romanit Palace houses maybe one of the best art museums in Bucharest, the Art Collection Museum. Housing numerous personal art collections donated to the state by various families starting even before the Communist time the museums grew tremendously in the last 25 years most of its rooms in this newly renovated palace being packed with various works of art. For me this museum always represented an escape from the craziness of the dictatorship, the grim streets and the mediocrity of people who were governing the country during Ceausescu. You felt when you strolled its corridors that you went through a portal to a different world of good taste and remarkable value.


Aman Museum, Bucharest

The founder of the Romanian Art School, Theodor Aman was maybe the first heavily educated artist of Romania. Complex personality, Aman lived in the middle of the 19th century in a beautiful house located now in center city but in his lifetime surrounded by gardens and fields. A large collection of paintings and other works of art are displayed in the house that is a testament of its creative philosophy.

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