08 Sep


I know that these graffiti are not great but the message of the first one stroke me.The DNA mentioned here is not what you expect but the National Anticoruption Division, the prosecutors who were able to start a sort of Romanian “mani pulite” and landed in jailed lots of fat cats well connected with the government officials. Senators, representatives, judges, lawyers, councilors, mayors and prefects, football officials and club owners, all very influential and filthy rich guys are now hanging together in the gaul. It looks like the institution is well perceived by young people fed up to have to leave the country to find their future elsewhere. But not by the Romanian Parliament that tried unsuccessfully, repeatedly to get rid of the institution or at least to tame it, afraid that their time will come. From our point of view the more politicians are in jail the better for the country. So few of them, if any, landed their MP seats without being deeply connected with the endemic corruption.


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