Jeff Koons@Whitney

14 Oct

Baloon Dog

Jeff Koons is probably the richest artist alive. His retrospective at the Whitney spans his entire art career on four floors full of playful creations of recognizable objects of popular culture. Most of his work is a statement against commercialism in art and the banality of kitsch that permeates all level of the society.



However he is not shy of making a fortune by selling this work, that is really aggrandized kitsch, to rich collectors.


Michael and Bubbles

One floor is dedicated to the never made film where he was suppose to star with his wife at the time, the Italian porn star Cicciolina. The stunt worked and at the end of the 80s this poster could be seen in various locations of the city. The show will end on Sunday but in order to make sure that the show is fully accessible the museum will stay open continuously from Saturday at 11:00 AM to Sunday 11:00 PM.


Made in Heaven

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