Ivo on Bergman

18 Oct

New York Theater Workshop, East Village , New York

Ivo van Hove is creating a special magic in the plays he directs. He can take any play that was enacted for so many times and transform it, not only into a great performance but into a remarkable theatrical experience of intimate dimensions. His surgical incision puts the viewer right in the middle of the action. The Shakespeare’s “Roman Tragedies” was such an example last year in the BAM when the 6 hours of known and somehow boring and repetitive crimes passed like nothing, the entire performance entwining the actors with the audience like in no other performance I saw before. Last night the deep, disturbing and dark Bergman’s “Scene from a marriage” made the spectator almost part of the dinner, the bed or the living room of the action offering an unmatched intimacy and breaking all barriers of even the most modern theater. Its second part is even more surprising when all couples play in sync or just a little off to an astounding and extremely powerful effect. With no gimmicks involved but just pure theater the play is spellbinding and a fabulous experience.

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