Marc Riboud @ Rubin

21 Nov

Marc Riboud is a living legend of photography. Mentored by Cartier-Bresson, one of the founders of Magnum, he joined the Cooperative in 1953 whose president became latter on. The Rubin Museum exhibits documents his travel at the middle of the 50s on the famous route Istanbul to Kabul, that became in the 60s to be known as the “Hippie Route”. But Riboud’s interest and curiosity took him further and made him visit China and explore the changes in that country after the Communist takeover and visit Japan that was in accelerated course towards modernity.


Istanbul, Turkey


Camel Fair, India

Beside the amazing photos, the show has a map that documents the travels on that route of Marc Riboud, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky and by the travel writer Paul Theroux who described it in his book “The Great Railway Bazaar”. The route was full of travelers till 1979 when the Islamic revolution in Iran practically closed it.




Kabul, Afganisthan


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