The power of the pen

09 Jan

Book burning permeates all dictators’ dreams. But in spite of the terrible events that happened in the recent years, few can match the powerful impression that this event had upon all of us. Because it is not about France, Paris or any cartoonist. It is about us and our right of free speech that we cherish so much. And we better fight for it because without it we will all be slaves.
This being said France brought upon itself this menace. The inept governments of populist politicians that succeeded for generations accepted as a “status quo” an immigration living in neighborhoods controlled by thugs, areas where police never goes. Car burning, riots, crimes are all not so bothersome as long as they stay inside the neighborhood and they don’t spill on Champs Elysee. The French Left is courting these votes and don’t want to antagonize the spirits. At the inauguration of Hollande in Place de la Bastille no French flag was raised. The image that was shared around the world, I thought like many that was Photoshop-ed but the stories the French are telling confirm the duplicity of this political group. And as Jean Francois Revel said in his book: “The only thing that the right does is to try to be well perceived by the left” converging on an obsessive anti-American sentiment that made many of the politicians to avoid the conflict and the methods that they associate with “over-the-ocean” influence. Hope that this will wake them up!


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