The desert

09 Apr

The Palm Grove, Anza-Borrego State Park, CA

The moment you drive out of San Diego the dry hills scorched by the sun start reminding you that California is mainly desert. One of the most interesting desert parks surrounded by rockeries all around is Anza-Borrego, taking its name from the first Spanish explorer who looked for a way to Alta California from Mexico. The second name, Borrego, is the bighorn sheep  that roam the hills of the park coming down to the oasis to drink water. Few places of water are in the park but where it happens palm groves are formed offering a cool reprieve from the surrounding heated rocky hills. In spite of the arid landscape that may entertain the idea that nothing can live there, the desert is teaming with life from the interesting “borrego” and other large animals, all sort of reptiles, rodents, insects and a spectacular flora of which the cacti flowers are the most spectacular.

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