10 Apr

Sunset Boulevard, LA

LA is famous for many things but for sure for its superficiality. But even with that in mind I could not be more surprised driving the entire Sunset Boulevard to see billboard after billboard advertising DJs from the Vegas clubs. In the good old days when a party was just for fun, the dancing scene was fed by a guy who was able to bring a reel-to-reel, a turntable or a cassette recorder and some tapes, LPs or CDs. With booze and girls for almost no cost the fun was guaranteed. Nowadays the fun was morphed overnight in a product that is delivered to the working masses and marketed by high paid executives and even the old reel-to-reel guy was morphed in a superstar DJ who can make in a Vegas club even 250K/night, a payment that can make even Bill Gates blush. And what did he do for that money?


UCLA, Westwood Village, CA

It’s almost unreal to drive through these vain billboards, through the Beverly Hills mansions of the film executives and movie stars and enter UCLA in Westwood Village, a place of really great vibe. As one of the most important research institution in US, here were discovered many humanity dreams that advanced our civilization and were achieved medical breakthroughs that helped people all over the world but nobody was ever paid even a fraction of what a DJ may make in one night in Las Vegas.

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