NAB 2015 cool toys

13 Apr


If it were for the number of drones showed on the NAB floor in Las Vegas this year we should probably stay indoor. I am sure that beside lots of professionals using the gear carefully will be lots of others with a “Hey, watch this!” attitude. However the technology is super and with a minimum training you can hold the gizmo flying safely giving you high production value for a very low cost. And if the battery runs out it comes back home safely (if is no tree on the way….). This company looked like it learned from the fact that the CEO was originally with DJI and built more robust bodies for their copters, so less repairs after crashes.


The 4K is kind of “yesterday” with most of the components already in place for a full blown production. No matter that everybody talks about it, few actually bought into it for a full production because of the low budgets. But in spite of this lack of implementations the eyes are turning for the next big thing, 8K. It was shown in the previous 3-4 years at the NAB, sometimes as research and recently as products, but now the technology evolved and it can display 120Hz. Cool as it sounds and maybe even look, I was not impressed at all by this monitor.

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