Aspiring for the sky in Pittsburgh

23 Apr

Pittsburgh’s collapse caused by the demise of the steel industry in the 80s is paralleled by analysts with the current bankruptcy of the city of Detroit. However the way of how these cities were shaped made a huge difference in their crisis’ outcome. Pittsburgh resurrected from the crisis as a renewed, even if not completely healed, city with a powerful high-ed business segment augmented by lots of health businesses.


Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh

Home of 4 universities, it has in the middle the tower of Pitts University, originally founded in 1787.The tower built in 1923 and named very inspired “Cathedral of Learning” resembles in architecture and style Riverside Church in New York without any religious association and it really looks that may aspire to reach for the sky. Inside, the church-like interior is populated not by parishioners but by students peeking in their Macs filling the halls and the corridors surrounded by the National Rooms, lecture rooms decorated in various styles by architects and artists from the specific countries around 1930-1940. There are 26 national rooms some of them of countries that do not exist anymore like Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia.


Romanian Room in the Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA

Nearby is the well-known Carnegie Mellon University, a powerful research and medical school where the sculpture on one of the main lawn is more than a symbol of aspiration of walking to new peaks. It actually represents it.


Carnegie Mellon University

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