Mattress Factory, a contemporary art museum in Pittsburgh

24 Apr

Mattress Factory Art Museum, Pittsburgh

The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, PA is an art museum showing exclusively installations. Housed in several buildings bought in the 50s and renovated, the museum is located in an area of Pittsburgh that nobody really cared about for a long time. And looking on the houses on Sampsonia way and around it does not look that is much care even now. However the museum is astounding with works of James Turrell, Yayoi Kusama and many others, permanent and temporary installations of an extremely high quality and visual power.


“It’s all about me, not you” by Greer Lankton

In the Annex, an entire house and its content is “yarned” by Chiharu Shiota in a permanent spider web that encompasses floors and furniture, inspired by a town left behind with all its belonging by a fleeing population during the steel industry collapse.


“Trace of memory” by Chiharu Shiota


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