Spring in Fire Island

14 May

Sunken Forest is a very interesting habitat, a land of twisted and interlaces trees, bushes and vines on the sea shore. In summer the heat and mosquitoes make the walk a challenging endevour but in spring is charming and completely empty. Besides, you can see the sand dunes protecting the island in full bloom like you would not expect for sand formations to be.


The sand dunes in bloom, Sunken Forest, Fire Island

The gay communities in Pine and Cherry Grove were preparing for the season with construction crews roaming the streets and boardwalks. The restaurants and businesses, in full swing in summer, were mostly closed and hotels were quiet or with people busying around to clean up for the season.


Cherry Grove, Fire Island

The remnants of the March fire that destroyed a large swat of houses and parts of the Grove complex are still visible, a scar in an extremely well maintained community.


Cherry Grove, Fire Island

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