Symbols from vary times

12 Jul

“Shield” by Bianca Mann at Hanul Gabroveni, Bucharest

The past communist system of Romania did not encouraged for sure any form of free manifestation in art. Lots of modern painters, sculptors and ceramists existed but their creation was usually hidden for the concern that it would stain the purity of socialism ideals and the advancement of the communist society. The artists retreated in their own world and left the society advance in its triumphal march till it reached the cliff from whose top collapsed with a big bang. However even after its demise you hardly been able to see any modern art in the still state owned art galleries for quite a long time. Nowadays the landscape changed and art is displayed in myriad of galleries, collections and lots of places in town helped also by the slow economy because also, like in New York, when you see galleries sprouting in an area it means the rents are lower…


Staircase head, Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest

At the same time symbols reminding of the old order were cached away being replaced by the elements of the “worker paradise” system. Nowadays some old palaces and houses were renovated preserving the old architectural elements and decoration in a harmonic contrast with the new works of art.

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