An “old” tradition of Fair Harbor

25 Jul

“Jazz at sixish”, Fair Harbor, Fire Island

Every summer, “Jazz at sixish” is an well attended event in Fair Harbor. From Friday to Sunday night around “six-ish”, before the sunset, bands perform in a homey atmosphere in front of the “Le Dock” restaurant on the Fair Harbor dock. Friday was jazz, Saturday blues and Sunday reggae. The entire population of Fair Harbor and some places around congregate by the water and fill up the dock walking tall with glasses of rose in their hands, nursing beers kept chilled in aluminum or caring large jars of sangria in their dollies.


Fair Harbor, Fire Island

The crowd is like a large family coming out of the houses for a charming sunset and an early night out; kids roam the dock setting up shop with sea shells and color hand bands, flowers or a more inventive one with magic trick for $1. Two cockatoos are ported on the dock by their owners every night being passed around for pictures. Lots of dogs are part of the celebration on the dock that as the sun goes to sleep becomes a dance floor.


Fair Harbor, Fire Island

On Saturday a guy came with his dolly full of reed and was giving it to people on the dock. The plan was that at sunset when the sun was close by to Cape Tree Bridge everybody to waive the reed like in a sun worshiping ceremony. People were wondering what was this all about and the guy knocking in a broken pail presented like a very old tradition of Fair Harbor. When I asked how long was this tradition for, that I never heard about, he confessed that it was just a one week old but stands a good chance to become a longer one. With such a beautiful sunset, lots of booze and such a pleasant atmosphere I bet it does. Probably this is the way the Egyptians and the Greek started their own thousands of years ago….


Sunset in Kismet, Fire Island

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