GOP or Taliban

07 Aug


It happened that I was surfing the net on the night of the GOP debate and poked through side links to Fox News website that was streaming the live event.
There, in front of a large audience, ten men dressed almost identical in black western suits asked by other two men in black suits, no turbans or qabaas on either of them, were debating the perennial American question if women should be allowed to choose. This was not happening in Raqqah, Riyadh or Herat but, somehow by mistake, in Cleveland, OH and it did not happen sometimes in the 17th century but on August 6, 2015 in the most advanced country of the world. Or is it?
The ten men looking like “mullahs”, all strongly opinionated, making their point heard in the total absence of women, were looking like a religious council of one of our archenemy countries. In their speeches the women were not actually mentioned by gender, they being just supposed to be the vessel that carry the life forward, a life that the men cherished with all grandeur in their speeches. The fact that “vessel” receives in the great United States of A the worst treatment after birth of the entire developed world was of no concern for the ten “mullahs”, none of them mentioning anything about this “insignificant” detail.
When I started to expect that they will get more in detail about these side-creatures and we should talk about what women should wear, if they can divorce of if they must drive a car in order for all ten of them to be in sync with countries of similar mentalities, I was thrown out of the couch by Megyn Kelly’s question, the only woman visible on TV: ‘I want to know if any of you have received a word from God on what they should do and take care of first if you get elected.’ (I don’t even want to mention the depth of this profound journalistic question….)
Knowing that we had another President who was talking with God daily and we know what we got from him I quickly turned off the computer. Let me be surprised and still hope, than to know from the start what God told them personally over a cappuccino… I was already starting to suspect that the site was spoofed by some of kind of terrorist organization who perversely dressed its mullahs in western clothing for everybody’s confusion and now NSA follows me watching their propaganda.

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