Skirting the crowds in the South Fork of Long Island

15 Aug

Sag Harbor, NY

Every summer I loved spending at least one or two days in Montauk at the tip of Long Island. The drive in the South Fork through the Hamptons used to be easy and not far off and even when you passed Southampton and continued on the two lane Montauk Highway it went just fine. But in the last 10 years things started to change and the traffic became more and more snarled. Now it is just stalled for several portions of the Montauk Highway, the entire road till East Hamptons becoming a sort of parking place. So what used to take me about 90 minutes it may go well into the three hours now. I tried twice the road this year and both times my patience soon ran out and I decided to turn around and hit the Southampton beaches.


Sag Harbor, NY

As I already failed in my enterprise twice this year, this time I decided that I will completely skip the entire Hampton glitzy habitat and took a road to the very cool-named North Sea, and I stopped with no traffic at all in the charming and historic Sag Harbor, a town dating since 1707 that was the first deep harbor of New York state in the heydays of the ship voyages. In 1789 Sag Harbor was declared the main port of entry to the USA so ships coming from Europe were first checked here before they were let to sail further to New York City.


Montauk Point, NY – The End

From Sag Harbor there are 15 more miles to Montauk Point, the most western point of Long Island named also “The End” , on an almost empty road where we ended the day in a classical atmosphere of a Long Island summer day, with a band playing by the sea.

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